PFCLObfuscate is a commercial product licensed per user or machine (if you use it on a build machine). Basically if your company has two people using PFCLObfuscate then you would need two licenses. If one person uses PFCLObfuscate to protect PL/SQL and you also have a machine running to build your code then you again would need two licenses.

In simple terms a person needs a license and an autonomous machine needs a license. Multiple people cannot share a license on one machine but it is OK for one person to install PFCLObfuscate on multiple machines as long as they don’t use multiple machines at the same time.

It is not OK to develop during the day and then use the same license to automatically build at night.

Please talk to us if you would like clarification. We can be emailed at

PFCLObfuscate is licensed on an annual subscription basis. After the subscription period ends you will be invited to renew, if you choose not to renew then you will no longer be able to use PFCLObfuscate.

Conversely if you do renew then we want to recognise loyalty to our product and as such we have set renewal license fees to be approximately 55% of the first years license fee; Our fees are very competitive as it is our goal to make tools such as PFCLObfuscate realisticaly available at a reasonable license fee to as many people as possible. Unlike other products our license fee is based on the installation not the number of source code files or databases you deploy your protected code to.

We have created a simple license model:

License Installations Annual License Fee Annual Renewal Fee
Pro 1 £549 £295
Enterprise Unlimited £1,595 £845

The license includes:

  • If the licensee (the person or company buying a license) is not resident in the UK then they are the importer of record and the licensee is fully responsible for ensuring that the imported goods comply with local laws and regulations and that the purchase is in full compliance with the laws of the country the goods are imported and that all import duties and taxes in respect to the goods are paid
  • If the licensee (the person or company buying a license) is not resident in the UK then there may be import duties and / or taxes due on the goods in the licensees country. Limited is not responsible for these charges and we do not estimate or calculate what these charges may be. We expect the full license fee quoted above to be received by us. If taxes such as WHT (WithHoldingTax) are retained in the licensees country then they MUST pay a license fee + WHT so that Limited receive the full license fee above. Please speak to us before paying to ensure that the invoice reflects the correct fee + WHT.
  • The license is an annual subscription; the renewal fees quoted for subsequent years of use are approximately 55% of the initial license fee. As long as you remain licensed you qualify for the reduced license fee.
  • To take advantage of the reduced renewal fee you must renew the annual license before it expires or no later than 30 days from the expiration date of any current license. Be aware that the software is technically limited to stop working after the exppiration date of the license.
  • The license is for installing and use of PFCLOBfuscate software. The PL/SQL or SQL code that you obfuscate with PFCLObfuscate is not limited by the PFCLObfuscate license; that is you can protect as much code as you wish and deploy that code as normal without royalties to us.
  • If you do not renew the annual license for PFCLObfuscate after it expires you cannot continue to use it.
  • PFCLObfuscate product support is included in the license fee but not consulting or training. We can provide these for a fee, please talk to us at
  • All major and minor updates are available for free whilst you are fully licensed
  • We provide regular policy and report updates as well as new features and functionallity
  • All support is remote only via our support ticket website. We do not make site visits

The license includes use of the software, updates, support and maintenance but not consulting or training. Please talk to us if you would like to hire us on a fee paid basis to help or to provide training; again email

License fees can be changed at any time at our discretion. Version 2.0 is coming soon with big feature enhancements that will allow auto-insertion of license type features, tamperproof features and watermarking. Version 2.0 will also include stronger string protections. Version 2.0 will also allow you to customise PFCLOBfuscate using PFCLLua scripting language; this is very powerful and allows you to massively customise your code and automatically add protections to every package. More details on version 2.0 soon…

The license fee will increase when version 2.0 comes out but anyone with a valid license for version 1.0 will be entitled to update to version 2.0 under the same license terms.

If you would like to purchase a license for PFCLObfuscate then please contact . At present purchasing is done via email contact, we will raise an invoice for payment and arrange a licensed copy of the software for download.

We hope to integrate with an online payment processor to take credit card payments soon.