The PFCLObfuscate license includes PFCLOBfuscate product support and updates and maintenance. If you require help writing your code; perhaps you are creating license code in PL/SQL or tamperproof code protections or adding watermarks. We are happy to help with this so please ask us about our consulting rates.

We also have a support website dedicated to the product and when you purchase a license for PFCLObfuscate you will get a logon to the support site to raise tickets. All support is via email or the support ticket website and we always aim to respond to any new ticket initially within one business day; depending what the resolution is a fix or advice on how to correct the issue yourself will be give at the same time, if a software fix is needed we will aim to deliver that as soon as possible.

All tickets are looked at in the order that they are received.

PFCLOBfuscate includes some features to help respond to support requests. We have built in these features:

  1. Debug Mode: Debug mode allows you to run PFCLObfuscate for the same input source files but in debug mode so that instead of obfuscating the source code PFCLObfuscate instead outputs what it thinks each token is in terms of its internal classification. This file is useful to support to resolve issues.
  2. Trace Mode: It is also possible to run PFCLObfuscate either in normal obfuscation mode or indeed in debug mode but also to trace the program. Trace can be enabled at levels between 1 and 9; with 9 being the most verbose and 1 being least verbose. The generated trace file can also be used by support to help resolve any issues that you may have
  3. Output Files: In some modes of operation PFCLOBfuscate generates intermediate files that are then included and obfuscated. We can by means of a flag in the configuration save these filesĀ  for inspection.

Contact us at if you have any questions regarding support.